Monday, July 30, 2007

Look at me, colour coordinated to match the sky!

Just a quick note:

Here's the answer to the most common question I am being asked at the moment...
when am I coming back?

I'll be leaving Antarctica in Jan 2008 and sailing to Cape Town. From there I plan to travel for a couple of months in Africa, then possibly catch the end of the snowboarding season in the Alps before heading back to Britain sometime in April. That's the plan at the moment (it'll probably change but I'll let you know).

The almost sun...

With just two weeks to go until sun up, we've all got rainbow twilight running through our veins!

Every month we loosen the stays on the masts we use for radio communications and science to compensate for the snow accumulation. This time it was a great excuse to admire one of the best almost sunrises so far.

High on light, Dave overdoes the kiting and stops for a quick nap between practicing his rodeo flips and attempting to break the world land speed record.

My kite, on the other hand, was not behaving so nicely but at least that left me plenty of time to take photos!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mark chose to rock the night away for his birthday as an army of elvis impersonators invaded the base for one night only. The tribute band, made up of The King himself along with guitarist burger king elvis, drummer dying on the toilet elvis and bassist early days elvis made us all proud of the obcenely high quiffs we were sporting. Music video to come...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Girls Night Out

The colours change by the minute, but the light lingers over the horizon all day long, like a neverending sunset, with the stars shining above it.

Kirsty and I get ready to escape from the men for one blissful night.

All the usual ingredients of a girls night - sweets, chocolate, baileys, cosmo, nutella - only the location was unusual. To be on our own, we had to stay in a shipping container that took several hours to warm up to around freezing.

My first attempt at night writing, I think I need a little more practise.

If only I really was Penny Crayon...