Saturday, February 23, 2008


I haven't updated my blog for ages. That's because I've been ...

Watching buffalos and warthogs drinking at a waterhole,
chilling on a beach on the deserted Wild coast,

trying not to get eaten by an Elephant,

Canoeing down a stunning gorge,
Resting my weary backside after pony trekking to a remote village in Lesotho and...
looking back over the Drakensburg mountains from half way up the Sani pass that crosses the border to Lesotho.
I've also been playing with cute Basotho kids that loved posing for photos,

launching myself down a waterfall zipline course,

Riding an elephant
Making mud bricks and smearing them with cow dung,
And kite surfing...look, I'm actually standing up (it's harder than it looks).

enough excuses.

Off to Namibia tomorrow so will try and update in a couple of weeks time. After Namibia, Barcelona...see you soon!