Monday, March 31, 2008

Something to listen out for...

For those of you who might be interested, fellow metbabe Dave Evans and I will be on radio 4 tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9.30 in the morning.

The programme is called Team Spirit and it's all about team dynamics.

Anyway, if you miss it you can listen again on the BBC website.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zebra crossing...
Possibly my favourite photo so far!
The lazy lions who kindly refrained from eating my tour guide as he jumped out of the truck right infront of them to rescue my sunglasses, fallen from my clumsy head. Cheers JoJo.
Pretty (and slightly scary) thunder cloud
Muchos giraffes
Above- Crazy Namibian rocks, Below- Crazy Namibian skies
Namibian Rock Art

Susie chimney head in Barcelona

Some building I quite liked

Me escaping a city, as usual

You may have noticed a change of scenery in some of these photos. Yes, I am now in the continent I call home and have met up with one or two friendly faces. Ieven made it out to the hills of Andorra for some gravity assisted snowboarding but I was far too excited to take any photos. After a few more days in Barcelona I´ll be off to Northern Norway to talk about ice and snow, then Austria to play with ice and snow, then finally home (I´ll be in Warkworth on the 13th April with photos of ice and snow a plenty). I´m thinking of meeting up in Newcastle/the Masons the last weekend of April and London in early May but I´ll keep you posted. Can´t wait to catch up over a pint!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

A totally surreal, empty but amazingly beautiful country from what I've seen so far. In one week we've covered a lot of ground from swimming in the Orange River at the border to the adventure capital Swakopmund where I finally got to do some gravity assisted sandboarding.
Dead trees in the Namib desert. My god it was too hot for my poor Antarctic adapted body but it was stunning.
Below: Looking back up at the best dune running slope ever and all the people about to follow in my footprints...
Watching sunrise up Dune 45 in the Namib desert, a well deserved rest after a hard climb (well worth it for the run down)
Namibia's national tree: the quiver tree

Just before sunset at Fish River Canyon, the oldest canyon in the world and it certainly felt like the hottest too (although apparently it's 10 degrees hotter at the bottom!)