Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zebra crossing...
Possibly my favourite photo so far!
The lazy lions who kindly refrained from eating my tour guide as he jumped out of the truck right infront of them to rescue my sunglasses, fallen from my clumsy head. Cheers JoJo.
Pretty (and slightly scary) thunder cloud
Muchos giraffes
Above- Crazy Namibian rocks, Below- Crazy Namibian skies
Namibian Rock Art

Susie chimney head in Barcelona

Some building I quite liked

Me escaping a city, as usual

You may have noticed a change of scenery in some of these photos. Yes, I am now in the continent I call home and have met up with one or two friendly faces. Ieven made it out to the hills of Andorra for some gravity assisted snowboarding but I was far too excited to take any photos. After a few more days in Barcelona I´ll be off to Northern Norway to talk about ice and snow, then Austria to play with ice and snow, then finally home (I´ll be in Warkworth on the 13th April with photos of ice and snow a plenty). I´m thinking of meeting up in Newcastle/the Masons the last weekend of April and London in early May but I´ll keep you posted. Can´t wait to catch up over a pint!


Anonymous said...
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Matthew said...

Wow, these pictures are beautiful!
I'm jealous! :D

Amy said...

What an exciting life you have...totally jealous! How I would love to explore the world.

Anonymous said...


osercarlino said...

Wow! I'm braziliam. I don't speak or write english upright. Your blogger is very cool. The pictures are fantastics. And you are nice.

rado said...

Casa Milla by Gaudi! I like it, but in my opinion, casa Batllo is most incredeble.

Alicia D said...

What amazing adventures you have. Thanks for sharing them!

gratifiedsoul said...

cooooool!!! some penguin pics would be real nice...

Anonymous said...

Very interested in seeing your blog....I could share many intesting and amazing things here.

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rainstorm said...

Your job is very exciting la! What a life! And nice photos too!

Mounika said...

Hi Tamasin,
What an exciting life u lead!

I love travelling too but haven't been able to indulge in it due to very unreliable health.

Thank you so much for sharing the delights of our planet with people lke me.

You should visit India (where I hail from) sometime. Few nations on earth are as rich and diverse (both culturally and geographically) as my beloved homeland is.

Do drop me a mail at m.mounika@gmail.com if and when u plan to!! Would be glad to be of assisstance in whatever way I can!

marc said...

Thank you! Your post has left me...breathless.
Peace and safe passages...Marc :)

Giorgi said...

HI I am really amazed of what I see on your blog. I am not sure you find this note, because you have a lot of this on your web. I am so jealous. I always thought for some reason that the place you stay is used just for making movies and capturing animals and nobody cana ctually leave there. Well hopefully I will be able to see more of your photoes and enjoy them. All the best and I will keep watching your blog.

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TG said...

I love those pictures...
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