Saturday, March 24, 2007

Met Mast Fun and Games

Yesterday, Dave and I were pulling some crazy stunts, hanging from the top of a mast in the snow, all in the name of science of course. Some of our instruments (like the one I'm playing with in the picture below, which measures visibility and snowfall) needed their annual check-up, which meant fun and games out of the office for an afternoon.

Afterwards, it was back into our lovely work platform (above) for a nice cup of tea (with slightly lumpy powdered milk), prepared for us by the snowman in our absence.

Let Loose in the Kitchen

On Thursday, with the chef away on his holidays, it was down to me to fill the hungry bellies of all 14 of us left on base. Here's the menu I served up with varying degrees of success:

Breakfast: Cheesy rolls, cheese and olive rolls, cheese and sundried tomato rolls, cheese and herb get the idea. Various experimental seedy breads and plaits.

Lunch: Vegetarian Lasagna, Pizzas, Chicken in a red wine and herb marinade, Cabbage (which started off purple but somehow turned blue), Guacamole and Marinated Olives.
Rhubarb yoghurt for dessert.

Dinner: Tartiflette (French potato gratin with bacon), Honey and Mustard Chicken, roasted vegetables, courgettes and spinach with feta (which went more than a little bit wrong).
Chocolate Mousse for dessert.

I only used about 2.5 kg of cheese in all that lot, not bad eh!


WaterDon said...

Climb the mast...sure.
Wear a bunch of heavy clothing...yeah.
Fiddle with worries.
All of these at once? Are you nuts?
If it's not broke then you're not trying.

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