Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday I added a ninth species of penguin to my collection and they rate pretty highly on my coolest penguin leader board. The funky rockhoppers with their crazy hairdos and bright red eyes were a joy to watch as they bounced up the cliffs then danced about the colony until they found their nest. The only way to get to this remote spot on the deserted Falklands coastline was via landrover. We took what our guide called 'his local high street', zigzagging across peat bogs and craggy outcrops until we arrived in the middle of nowhere . It was worth the ride as not only the penguins but the scenery was stunning and it may be some of the last land I see that isn't hidden beneath a blanket of cold white lovliness. Mmmm, snow, powdery fresh snow, how I miss it. Can't wait to get even further south and it shouldn't be long now. Hopefully departing on the Dash 7 tomorrow morning at 4am! Bring it on...


rapunzel said...

Wonderful photos. Glad you're back.

Top-of-the-Arch said...

It is so nice to see a new post from you. Thanks for sharing the photos of these cute penguins. We had the little ones at St. Louis Zoo and I always enjoyed seeing them in their natural playful mode. It is sunny but getting a bit cold here.
Not sure what holidays you will be celebrating but best wishes to you and everyone there.
TOTA - St. Louis, Missouri

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